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Recurring Double Points

How to set up recurring double points

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If you would like to set up a recurring double points day, the admin dashboard will allow you to do this easily. Double points on regularly occurring dates helps drive business on less popular days, and can help you see you regular customers more frequently.

To set up recurring double point days, use the following instructions:

  1. Head to your Loyalzoo admin dashboard

  2. Select the “Marketing” Tab and then choose “Double Points”

  3. Choose the start date (From) and the finish date (To)

  4. Then choose the day or days of week that you would like to have double points

  5. Finally pick the start time and finish time using the 24 hour clock/Military time

  6. Then click ok and your recurring double points will be applied

After you set-up double points, why not send a marketing message to let your customers know that they can take advantage of your double points promotion? Click this link to find out how to send a marketing message to your loyalty customers.

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