Loyalzoo promotions are an effective way to reach out to your existing customers and incentivise them to come back or to spend more. Your customers will receive an SMS, email or push notification to their smartphone with the promotion content. It will also be visible to any other Loyalzoo user by opening the Loyalzoo app.

To set up a promotion, go to your Merchant Dashboard. Press the Promotions tab. Then press Create a promotion.

Fill out the fields as follows:

  1. Description: This field is the message you send to your customers, and should be engaging. For example: ‘Join us this weekend for 25% off!’ Valid Sat & Sun’ or ‘Special offer! Save 50% today!’ Remember, your promotions are meant to attract customers.
  2. Send on: This field allows you to choose when your promotion will be sent.
  3. Valid until: This field decides how long your promotion is valid for. After this date, the promotion will be deleted from the app. This is to encourage you to keep your promotions fresh and engaging.
  4. Conditions: Here you put in the details of the offer. If your description is ‘Save 25% on food!” you can specify any conditions to the offer.

To complete and send your promotion, press Schedule. This takes you back to the front page where you can view your active promotions. You can also create additional promotions, by repeating the process.

Your promotion will be communicated to your customer based on what contact they have provided upon sign-up to your loyalty program. It will be received as either an SMS, email or push notification. 

When a Loyalzoo user opens the app, a yellow star on your shop indicates that there is an ongoing promotion.

By entering the shop’s detail page, the customer can see all the details of the promotions. A list of all promotions can also be found in the Promotions tab inside the Loyalzoo customer app:

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