Apple and Google Wallet Passes

Learn how customers can set-up Apple and Google Wallet Passes for a completely digital solution

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Apple and Google wallet passes make for effortless and convenient way for your customers to check into your rewards program and keep track of their points. These passes contain a personalised QR Code for each customer as well as an automatically generated member ID.

Please note:

Wallet passes can not be guaranteed for high risk businesses (e.g. Vaping, Tobacco...), high risk words may also be masked

Wallet passes are available to your customers via their points notification (SMS or email). They will need to click on the link or button that says 'View my points and rewards'. The photo below is what that following page will look like on the mobile device:

Once your customer clicks the "Add to Apple/Google Wallet" link they will need to enable the pass by clicking "Add" in the top right corner of their screen. Below shows what this pass looks like from an Apple Wallet:

The front of the pass (image on the left) shows your store name and logo, rewards, customer's points balance and member ID.

  • The member ID can be used to identify customers and is automatically generated. If you are already using barcodes, this member ID will display the barcode number. Simply type the ID in the search box and the customer will appear.

  • If you have a QR-Code scanner, you can scan the QR code at the bottom for customers to easily be found in your system. It works just like our barcode feature! Click here to learn more about how Barcodes work.

Your customers can check out their personal pass details by selecting the the information button on the bottom right (the i inside the circle). The image on the left is the back of the pass where all details are located:

  • The pass details allow customers to change their preferences for updates and notifications.

  • It also shows any promotions that are available such as blast marketing promotions and handsfree marketing promotions.

Want to promote the use of Wallet passes? Why not send a promotion to your customers. Click here to learn more about promotions!

With all of the above options enabled, customers will automatically get their points updated to their pass, get promotion notifications, AND get the suggestion to come visit your store when they are close by!

Want to get started with wallet passes? Click here.

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