How to set up a marketing promotion

Learn how to create and send one-off promotions to your customers

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Loyalzoo promotions are an effective way to reach out to your existing customers and incentivise them to come back or to spend more. Your customers will receive an SMS, email or push notification depending on how your customer signed up (for more information on communication channels - click here). It will also be visible to any other Loyalzoo user by opening the Loyalzoo app.

To set up a promotion, go to the Loyalzoo dashboard. Press the "Send Promotion" tab under Marketing. Then press Create a promotion.

Fill out the fields as follows:

  1. Subject: This field is the main message you send to your customers, and should be engaging. For example: ‘Join us this weekend for 25% off!’ Valid Sat & Sun’ or ‘Special offer! Save 50% today!’ Remember, your promotions are meant to attract customers. This will form the content of your SMS and be the subject line of an email.

  2. Details: This field gives you the opportunity to add images, more content on your promotional message and any conditions. It will form the body of your email and it will be seen in preview within SMS.

  3. Send on and Valid until: These fields decide when your promotion will be sent out and for how long your promotion is valid for. After this date, the promotion will be deleted from the app. This is to encourage you to keep your promotions fresh and engaging.

For best practices for SMS delivery check out the article below

To complete, press preview where you can double check your promotion and even send yourself a test of the promotion to see what it will look like before sending it to your customers

Once you are happy with your promotion hit the Next button. This will take you to the final step: Send Promotion

Here you will be able to set the date that your promotion will go out as well as the date that the promotion will be valid until. It will also show you the total number of customers that will receive the promotion via the route they signed up with (SMS, email, or push notification), You can also create additional promotions, by repeating the process.

Once you click 'Send' you should see a small green 'Success' notification in the top right hand corner of your screen and now the promotion will show in your active promotions area.

Your promotion will be communicated to your customer based on what contact they have provided upon sign-up to your loyalty program and which plan you signed up for. It will be received as either an SMS, email or push notification. 


***Please note details of your promotion are shown in preview format. The format of the preview is not guaranteed and depends on the customers phone/network. Be sure to write important content in the subject for SMS.


In app (push):

Your promotions will now also be viewable in the Loyalzoo software on your POS. Click this to record redeemed promotions.

A record of redeemed promotions are viewable by tapping on XX since last purchase

If you would like to turn on double points for the duration of your promotion, follow the instructions here

If you would like advice on how to create an effective marketing campaign, follow the guide here.

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