Using barcodes with the Loyalzoo software

How to set up and use barcodes with your memberships or loyalty program

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Barcodes can be a quicker and more convenient way of checking customers into your memberships or loyalty program, you may use barcodes on key fobs or plastic loyalty cards. You will need to supply the barcoded cards yourself but once you have your supply, you will be able to use them in conjunction with the Loyalzoo software. 

Choose your POS configuration from below:

Using Memberships & Recurring Payments from a web browser (including Epos Now)

  1. Create a customer: using the "create customer" button (no barcode is required in this step)

  2. After creating the customer, tap the "edit" icon in the customer's profile. 

  3. Add the barcode number in the barcode field.

  4. Tap Save.

  1. Find a customer using a barcode: Focus your mouse/cursor in the search box

  2. Scan the customer's barcode using your barcode reader. This will search and display the customer at the top of your loyalty list

Clover POS and GoDaddy/Poynt

***Due to a limitation of Clover and GoDaddy/Poynt, the barcode reader does not work from the Clover or GoDaddy/Poynt Register app. You must use the barcode reader directly from the Loyalzoo app from the homescreen of your device.

  1. Create a customer: Go to the Loyalzoo app (Digital Loyalty or Memberships & Recurring Payments) from the homepage of your Clover device

  2. Scan the barcode with your Clover/Poynt device or barcode reader. 

  3. Click the "create customer" button.

  4. The barcode field will be pre-filled. Fill in the remaining blank fields and check box.

  5. Tap the "create" button

  1. Find a customer using a barcode: Simply scan the barcode, the customer will show up in your loyalty list

  2. Select the customer to view their profile. 

  1. Add a barcode to an existing customer, by tapping the edit button next to the customer's name in their profile.

  2. Scan or type the barcode in the barcode field.

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