How to sign up customers to your memberships program

Find a way that suits your business to sign customers up to your memberships program

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Choose from the options below to start signing customers up quickly to your memberships program. The options are ranked in order of recommendation to recruit as many customers as possible to your loyalty program.

1. Take your customer's details and enter them directly into the Loyalzoo software. We typically recommend this way of registering customers as it leaves you, the business, in control. Customers can be lazy, take control, and register as many customers as you can.

2. Get customers to register with a customer-facing tablet.

Set up a customer-facing tablet so customers can enter their own details to sign up or check-in to your loyalty program. Click the button below to find easy instructions on how to set this up.

After registering your customer, you'll need to take their payment card and set up a recurring payment.

Alternatively, get customers to start and finish the signup process by registering online for a membership from your website.

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