Signing members up from your website
How to add memberships to your website so customers can sign up online
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There are two options for registering members to your subscription plans. The easiest way is to set your membership plans up via your online website by following the simple instructions below.

  1. Head to your Loyalzoo dashboard

  2. Go to the "Memberships plans" tab and pre-configure your subscription plans

  3. Then click on the "Online Memberships" tab

  4. Select your choice of branded color and font that will display with your memberships on your website

  5. Once you have the desired color and font, simply copy the code on the right-hand side and embed it on your website

Alternatively, you can send your customers a membership link, giving them the choice to choose a membership plan. Use the link below to replace the XXXX with your merchant id, which you can find in "Account Settings" in the Admin dashboard of Loyalzoo.

In both cases, this will display all of your memberships and allow your customers to sign up and pay securely online. See the customer sign-up and payment flow below.

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