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Pay for an order with a card-on-file (Epos Now)
Pay for an order with a card-on-file (Epos Now)

How to use a customer's stored payment card to pay for their Epos Now order

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A customer's payment card can be stored on file so that they can pay for future orders without having to get out their wallet.

Follow the instructions below:

1. Add items to the order via your Epos Now till and tap pay.

2. Tap the Memberships button in the right-hand corner

4. Create or select an existing customer (we recommend uploading a customer profile picture or a photo of their ID to assist with identification)

5. There will be a new button that sits in their profile that says "Pay Order"

6. Tap the "Take Payment" button

7. Tap the "Close" button

8. And make sure you tap the "OK" button in the bottom right afterwards. DO NOT tap the return button, this will void the transaction.

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