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How to set up your Digital Loyalty program (Epos Now)
How to set up your Digital Loyalty program (Epos Now)

Learn how to set up and launch your loyalty program on your Epos Now till

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To get started you will need to set up at least one reward in the Loyalzoo admin. You can access this from your Epos Now back office under the "My Apps" section.

Want to get started quickly? Follow the next steps and get set up in less than 15 minutes.

  1. Create a loyalty reward, if you need inspiration on creating rewards click here.

  2. Start using the loyalty program in-store. The most important part is understanding how the software works on your point-of-sale system. Watch the video below and share it with your staff to ensure they know how to register customers and issue points & rewards.

  3. A loyalty program is only successful if you promote it to all of your customers. You can find promotional marketing material here. Be sure to ask every customer to sign up.

  4. Set up Handsfree Marketing to drive customers back in-store post-purchase.

Quick tutorial video on how to set up your loyalty program

Staff training tutorial on how to use the Loyalzoo software in-store. You can find even more ways to register loyalty customers in this article.

Tutorial video on dashboard functionality

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