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How to set up Handsfree Marketing

Handsfree Marketing segments your customers into VIP, New & "Slipping away," sending automatic promotions to drive customers back in-store

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Watch this video to show you how to set up Handsfree Marketing, or read below for further details.

  1. Head to your merchant dashboard at

  2. Click the "Handsfree Marketing" tab

  3. Fill in the fields for VIP, New and "Slipping away"

  4. Hit the SAVE button

Your customers will now be sent promotions accordingly via SMS, email or push notification. The promotion will also be displayed in the customer's profile so staff members can click and redeem.

**If you would like to delete a segmented promotion, just remove the text from the field and tap Save.

For more information on how Handsfree Marketing works, watch the video below.  

How Loyalzoo segments your customers:

  • New - Those who have spent in-store with you only once

  • VIP - Your top 20% spenders, based on total amount spent in the last 3 months

  • Slipping Away - Based on statistical analysis, this Loyalzoo feature understands if a customer is coming less frequently, taking in consideration factors such as holidays.

Based on the above segments and the offers you set, Loyalzoo will intelligently notify them of those offers at the right time, driving them back in-store. 

If you would like to understand more about how Loyalzoo segments and when notifications are delivered click here.

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