To get started you need to configure your payment processor by heading to the Epos Now admin dashboard, choosing "My apps" and selecting Memberships and Recurring Payments. To set up:

  1. Configure your payment processor under the "Setup Payments" tab

2. You will need to add the Loyalzoo button to your Epos Now till by following the instructions below. 

3. Optionally, you can create pre-configured Memberships under the "Memberships" tab

The most important part is understanding how the Loyalzoo software works on your point-of-sale system. Share the video below with your staff to ensure they know how to use Memberships and Recurring Billing. 

After mastering how to use the software, jump back into the dashboard and see what extra features Loyalzoo has to offer. The video below explains everything you need to know.

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