Reporting and payment history (Clover)

Understanding where to find reports for payments made via the Memberships and Recurring Payments app

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Loyalzoo's smart integration with Clover means you can access reports from almost anywhere on Clover.

The easiest way to quickly see a customer's transaction history is by tapping the Transaction History button in their profile. A list of previous transactions will appear.

Alternatively for a list of payment transactions, you can use Clover reporting or Loyalzoo reporting. Steps below.

Loyalzoo Reporting:

1. Find the app on your Clover home page

2. Tap the admin button

3. Select the "Payment Transactions" tab and use the date picker to find transactions from a certain time period.

Clover Reporting:

Alternatively, you can see a list of successful payments by using the Orders app.

1. Head to the Orders app, either from the Clover web dashboard or from the Clover device itself.

2. Type the word "recurring" into the search box, and a list of recurring payments will appear.

3. You can also search by date range and export the data to a spreadsheet

All failed payments will be resolved via the Loyalzoo platform and you will be notified if action must be taken on a declined card. To understand more about failed payments - click here

To understand more about authorization payments - click here

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