Loyalzoo's smart integration with Clover means you can access recurring billing reports from almost anywhere with Clover reporting tools, including the Orders and Transactions apps.

The easiest way to see a list of successful payments made via the Memberships and Recurring Payments platform, is to perform the following steps:

1. Head to the Orders app, either from the Clover web dashboard or from the Clover device itself.

2. Type the word "recurring" into the search box, and a list of recurring payments will appear.

3. You can also search by date range and export the data to a spreadsheet

All failed payments will be resolved via the Loyalzoo platform and you will be notified if action must be taken on a declined card. To understand more about failed payments - click here

To find the billing history for a specific customer, head to the Memberships and Recurring Payments app. 

1. Search for the customer, using the search box

2. Click on the XX days since last purchase

3. A list of previous transactions will appear

To understand more about authorisation payments - click here

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