Automatic loyalty points on Clover

How to issue automatic loyalty points via your Clover POS

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Loyalzoo has a seamless integration with Clover which means your customers won't miss out on their loyalty points no matter how you process their transaction. See below all of the ways to issue automatic loyalty points via Loyalzoo with Clover.

1. The most common and recommended way to issue automatic loyalty points is by using the Loyalzoo button from the Clover Register. Simply create or select a checked-in customer from your Loyalzoo customer list. For more information on checking customers in, click here.

Once you select a customer, tap back into the order screen and close out the payment. Your customers will automatically receive 1 point per $ spent.

2. The same function applies if you use the Loyalzoo button from your payment screen.

3. If your customer enters their email or phone number for a payment receipt we will automatically associate that customer to the order and issue automatic points.

4. Swiping a customer's payment card. If you haven't used any of the above functions to associate a customer to an order, the system will recognize any prior used payment cards or create a new customer using their payment card details.

5. Starting an order from the Clover Customers App. The Loyalzoo software will always give automatic points as long as a customer is associated to the order. By starting an order from the Clover Customers App, points will still be automatically issued. For more information on this process tap the button below.

6. Online orders. If the online ordering app you use with Clover integrates with Clover Customers and Clover Orders, Loyalzoo will automatically issue points once the order is paid and processed via the Clover Orders App. You can see customer points under your Clover Order App.

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