Creating a great promotional campaign

Find here some hot tips on creating your promotional campaign. Drive your customers back in-store and increase their spending habits

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Your first step is heading to the Marketing tab in your merchant dashboard.

Now for the important stuff...

Double points

Stop discounting and reducing margins; instead send out a promotion, awarding your customers with double points instead. This encourages customers to partake in a loyalty program without always thinking about getting a quick deal.


Did you know that people look at their phones 150 times a day! Insights from Zokem Mobile, tell us that the best time for effective promotions is between 4 pm and 6 pm. So let’s disrupt those “busy workers,” get them moving into your store and spending their hard earned money.


Short and sweet! That’s why promotional campaigns are so effective. It grabs people's attention immediately and gets them to take action as soon as possible. Don’t forget to make the promotion worth reading and include a deadline. The faster you get the message across, the faster your customers will come in and see you.


Limited Time, VIP Offer and Free Gift. These are all great buzz words to use in your promotion. They make your customer feel special and they create a sense of urgency to take action.  Don’t forget to instruct your customers in terms of what they need to do. Sparkpage gives a great example of this – Double points on your next order! Come in today between 5pm-8pm.

Don't Spam

It’s essential to remember that having access to your customer's phone number is a privilege. Sending too many messages to them will guarantee you lose their interest. You don’t like spam, so why send it to your customers? Anticipation and excitement should be the main focus for a good campaign.  Make sure your marketing message is one your customer will miss if you don’t send it. That’s the aim of a great promotional game.

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