Setting up online reward redemption

Giving your customers the ability to redeem rewards online

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Firstly you will want to set up the ability for customers to give points online. 

Now you have set-up automated points for online purchases if you wish to allow customers to also redeem rewards online follow the instructions below.

1. Firstly you will need to get in touch with the Loyalzoo team and tell us you would like customers to be able to redeem rewards from their Loyalzoo account, whether that be from their point notification emails, SMS or in-app

2. Head to Zapier, using the account you created to give auto points for online purchases (ensuring you have access to Loyalzoo with this link). Create a new Zap.

3. Select reward redeemed online. Tap Continue.

4. Choose Loyalzoo account and press test. Save and Continue.

5. Pull in rewards. Continue.

6. Finish Trigger

7. Add step and add Coupon Carrier or your own choice of partner. Choose Send a code email.

8. Select account (Here you will have to have an account with Coupon Carrier or another preferred coupon supplier) and afterwards choose your desired steps as to how you would like it to action. 

The desired action should be for an automated coupon to be sent to your customer which can then be redeemed with online purchases. 

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