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Pay for an order with a card-on-file (Clover)
Pay for an order with a card-on-file (Clover)

How to use a customer's stored payment card to pay for their Clover order

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A customer's payment card can be stored on file so that they can pay for future orders without having to get out their wallet.

Follow the instructions below:

1. Add items to the order via your Clover Register and tap pay.

2. Tap the card-on-file button

3. Create or select an existing customer (we recommend uploading a customer profile picture or a photo of their ID to assist with identification)

4. Select an existing card on file or tap "Get card details" to send a secure payment link to your customer to collect card details. Tap take payment.

5. Upon successful payment, the payment will be closed. 

Important notes: If you are using this feature with the sales app, due to a lack of Clover capabilities the payment will appear on the Clover screen as if it has not been taken. If the Loyalzoo card-on-file feature states successful - the payment has indeed been successful. Successful payments will be viewable in the transactions app. 

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