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How the Loyalzoo platform allows you to communicate with your customers via SMS, email or push notification

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There are two types of communications that take place when using Loyalzoo's Digital Loyalty software. Any type of communication is restricted to those who have only received points via the Loyalzoo software AND they must have opted-in to the loyalty program, this complies with marketing laws.

Messages your customers will receive if they fit the above criteria:

  1. Point balances: These messages will be sent shortly after your customer is awarded points and tells your customer their points received at that time, plus a total points balance.

  2. Marketing messages: These messages are sent to your customers when you send a promotion from the admin dashboard or when you have set up Handsfree Marketing. The content of these messages are at your discretion.

When a customer signs up to your loyalty program, they can sign up in one of three ways (for more information on registering customers, click here). Either by supplying their phone number or email, or alternatively by downloading the free Loyalzoo app. Loyalzoo will communicate with your customer, depending on what contact we have saved on file for them.

Mobile number: All communication will be sent via SMS.

Email: All communication will be sent via email.

Loyalzoo app: All communication will be sent via push notification. 

Mobile number AND email on file: All communication will be sent via email.

In all messages sent via email or SMS, there is an unsubscribe/opt-out link which is required by law. 

***If you register a customer yourself via the Loyalzoo software, you must get a customer's consent and use the consent tick box (example below). WITHOUT consent, customers WILL NOT receive ANY communications.

There is also a link contained in point balance and promotional messages which encourages your customers to download the free Loyalzoo app so they can explore their points and rewards further.


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