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Understanding how VIP, new and "slipping away" customers are calculated and when they will receive a promotion

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VIP, new and "slipping away" customers are calculated in all Loyalzoo plans. You will see a badge on each customer's profile for those who are segmented into these categories.

The following is how each segment is calculated:

VIP: Your top 20% of spending customers. This is based on the theory that your top 20% of customer bring in 80% of your revenue. This means that a customer may become a VIP and then lose this status if they exit your top 20% of spending customers. The top 20% is measured based on purchases from the last 3 months. 

If you wish to change this percentage calculation, get in touch with the Loyalzoo team. 

New: A customer who has received points in-store just once. This is based on the fact that it takes 10x more money to drive new customers into your business than existing customers. So be sure to turn new customers into regulars. 

Slipping away: Loyalzoo uses a mathematical algorithm to calculate your "slipping away" customers. It takes your customers average frequency (over 3x purchase history) and as the customer no longer fits into their average frequency of spending habits they are then classified as "slipping away"  

This way of measuring customers' frequency trends is more precise and effective than using fixed parameters such as xx days, and doesn't require any configuration.

When will these segments receive their special promotion? 

If you have Handsfree Marketing as part of your Loyalzoo subscription your VIP, New and Slipping away customers will receive a special promotion set by you.  Make sure you have set up Handsfree Marketing promotions by clicking on this link.  

VIP: Once your customer becomes a VIP, they will receive your VIP promotion once a month. This is an ongoing promotion until they no longer are VIP. 

New: When your customer is new, they will receive this promotion within an hour of their first purchase. This is a one time promotion only available until their next purchase and encourages them to return a second time. 

Slipping away: When your customer is categorised as "slipping away" they will receive a one time promotion, which is sent intelligently an hour before the time they would usually purchase from you.

When a promotion is available to your segmented customer, a clickable promotion is viewable within their profile.

For any further questions, get in touch with the Loyalzoo team. 

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