Setting up double points

How to turn on automatic double points and incentivise your customers to spend more in-store

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Stop discounting and reducing margins; instead send out a promotion, awarding your customers with double points. This encourages customers to partake in a loyalty program without always thinking about getting a quick deal.

Before sending out a promotion, turn on double points using the following instructions:

  1. Head to the Loyalzoo admin dashboard.

  2. Select the "Marketing" tab and then choose "Double points"

  3. Choose a start and finish date using the date picker, for when you would like double points to run.

  4. To select certain times for the double points promotion use the small clock icon in the bottom right corner of the date picker.

  5. Click Activate.

After you set-up double points, send a marketing message to let your customers know that they can take advantage of your double points promotion. Click this link to find out how to send a marketing message to your loyalty customers. 

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