Please check if you're on bronze, silver or gold plan, as instructions differ based on the bundle you've signed up for.

1) To get started with Loyalzoo on Silver/Gold plans, watch the following video:

Remember to always select the person you are serving from the Loyalzoo Checkins button in the Register, so they get associated to their order. Points are awarded automatically when the order is paid and closed (1 point per dollar spent).

2) For Bronze plans, watch the following video instead:

Remember you can pull up Loyalzoo from within any app, by swiping down from the top of the screen, and selecting Loyalzoo Checkins. Find (or create) the customer, and manually award 1 point per dollar spent.

For questions or issues, please use the chat button to the bottom right of all our apps and screens to get the fastest response.

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