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What is Online Presence Management?
What is Online Presence Management?

Learn more about online presence management and how it can help you grow your business

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What is Presence Management?

Presence Management is available to help you and your business to be visible online, everywhere, all the time.

A simple and intuitive interface allows you to manage the online distribution of information about your business including; Opening hours, Address, Telephone number, Photos, and much more. Your business information will automatically be updated on 25+ sites including search engines, GPS, online directories and review sites.

Thanks to Presence Management, you will be able to:

  • Improve your visibility on the internet: We will register you on sites where your business is not yet registered. This will help you to be represented on as many new acquisition channels as possible.

  • Communicate accurate and up-to-date information to all your customers and prospects: This helps prevent mix ups around changed business hours or new addresses. You will be able to take control of your information on sites that are not owned by your business like google and facebook.

  • Boost your local referencing: Our solution has a very positive impact on your Google presence, your customers will be able to find you more easily and have less confusion or misinformation.

How does Presence Management help your business grow?

  1. Up to date information on online platforms increases your chances to be found

  2. Adding relevant information such as attributes to your Google Business Profile can increase foot traffic by up to 20%

  3. Your information will automatically be updated and published on 25+ different sites

  4. You can easily update your business information directly from Loyalzoo and we'll update any connections for you

  5. Measurable success: the Loyalzoo dashboard gives you great insight into your online presence management, clicks and searches.

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