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How do I reply to my reviews via Loyalzoo?
How do I reply to my reviews via Loyalzoo?

Mange your reviews by responding to them with templates or write your own personal messages

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If you are using our Review Management feature you can respond to reviews from Google and Facebook by either using templates or creating your own custom response.

Responding to reviews is very straight forward:

In your admin area go to the "Reviews tab". Here you will see a list of all of your current reviews from all of your Connections.

You can add/edit/remove Connections from the 'Manage Connections' at the top of the reviews page.

Click on "Reply Template". The appropriate templates - depending on the rating of the review and the location of the establishment - are displayed. Find the most appropriate template and click directly on the template you wish to use.

If your company receives a review that is in a different language, you can simply click on the 'globe' icon and convert your response to the correct language.

Lastly, edit the text in the box as you would like and click 'Post Reply' to post your response directly to the review!

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