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Modify automatic points (Clover and Epos Now)
Modify automatic points (Clover and Epos Now)

Learn how to change the number of points automatically given for certain inventory items

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The Loyalzoo software automatically issues 1 point per dollar/pound/euro spent. It is possible to change this and issue more or less than 1 point based on your inventory items. We call this "points modifiers". 

Follow the steps below if you want to change the points ratio for specific items:

  1. Open your inventory management

  2. Decide on which inventory items you would like to allocate modified points to and apply labels (Clover) or tags (Epos Now) to those inventory items (or categories)

  3. Once this is done, the last step is to get in touch via the chat system or and let us know what the name of the label/tag is that you have set and how many points you would like to allocate to those items

For example, if you wish to configure certain products to only issue half points (1 point for every 2 dollars/pounds/euro spent), create a new label or tag called "half-points" and apply it to those products or categories.

If you want to exclude specific items on EposNow check out the article below

If you would like to change the overall points ratio of all your products (e.g. 2 points per $ spent on all items) please get in touch with us directly via the chat bubble in the bottom right :-)

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