How to increase SMS delivery rates

How to avoid SMS spam filters

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If you are sending promotions to your customers and would like to avoid cell providers spam filters we have included a few tips and tricks below.

  1. Don’t include ALL CAPS anywhere in your message

    It’s the equivalent of yelling. Your contacts will think you’re desperate for their attention, and carriers will assume there’s something wrong.

    Good: “We have a new seasonal deal on our [service]. Visit our website to learn more.”

    Bad: “BIG SUMMER DEAL for a LIMITED time on our website. Don’t miss out!

  2. Limit using special characters

    Special characters and emojis are great for one-on-one conversations, but larger group messages including these characters will get the carrier's attention.

    Good: “Get a free coffee this Friday.”

    Bad: “Get a free coffee this Friday ☕️"

  3. Make sure your messages sound like an actual human

    Unusual sentence structure or words trigger spam filters, including any grammatical errors and misspellings. If your sentences are filled with typos, or sound like they were created by a wonky A.I., carriers will block you.

    Good: “Thanks for choosing [business]! How can our reps help?”

    Bad: “Thanks for chosing us today to help with your needs. send us you name and current issue and rep will get back soon”

  4. Avoid using the $ sign multiple times

    Having a dollar sign in your message will increase your chances of being flagged for spam

SMS filters can not be influenced by Loyalzoo however these tips and tricks will help increasing your promotion delivery rate :-)

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