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How to use Loyalzoo across multiple locations
How to use Loyalzoo across multiple locations

Learn how Loyalzoo works across multiple locations

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Loyalzoo can be used across multiple locations allowing your customers to have one account only. Linking accounts is very simple and only requires a few steps.

To get started please ensure you have one Loyalzoo account for each location.

  • Clover, EposNow or GoDaddy/Poynt please download our app from the app market

  • If you are using Square please sign up here

  • Sign up new locations from our website if you are using our standard version

Important for EposNow and Square only:

Your accounts are automatically linked if the locations are under the same main account on your POS.

Once that's done, please get in touch with us via the chat bubble in the bottom right of the app and we will be able to link your locations together. That's it!

Please see the details of which information will be shared below:

Digital Loyalty

Customer information will be shared across all grouped locations. This includes the customers' name, email, phone number, and points.

Promotions (including handsfree marketing), rewards and wallet passes are location specific. This means that each location will create their own set of rewards and their own promotions. If your customers shop at multiple locations they will need one wallet pass for each location.

You as the merchant can manage which location you are working with via the drop down menu that will appear in the upper left hand corner once your locations are grouped together.

Prime / Subscriptions & Handsfree Payments

Your customer information will be shared across the connected locations. This includes customers' names, emails, phone numbers and membership plans. Counters are also shared across

The promotions and discounts (integrated versions only) are location specific. Credit card information will not be shared across locations for privacy and safety reasons.

You will be able to view customers' active subscriptions and create new ones, but not edit/pause/stop active subscriptions created from a different location.

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