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How to set up your Punch Loyalty program
How to set up your Punch Loyalty program

A complete guide to setting up your Punchcard program

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To get started you will need to set up at least one reward in the Loyalzoo admin area. You can access this directly from your payment terminal or via your Loyalzoo admin area on a mobile device.

You have 3 reward options when setting up your loyalty program.

Please note only one amount-based or visit-based reward is possible at a time. You can have an unlimited number of random rewards. For the amount/visit to be recorded it is important that customers pay with the same payment card.

1. Based on amount spent

This reward is based on the amount your customer has to spend with you before getting their reward. E.g. 10% off after you've spent $100

2. Based on visits

A replacement for the old-school paper punch cards. You decide after how many visits your customer receives a reward. E.g. After 10 visits get a free coffee

3. Random rewards

These are 'surprise & delight' rewards. They are randomly generated up to a maximum number and during a time specified by you.

Once a customer has hit the reward target or won a random reward, we will automatically print a receipt showing their reward and a little fanfare will be played to alert the staff member.

Customers are also able to register their details via the QR code printed on the receipt to keep track of their progress.

Please get in touch with us in case you need any help or have questions :-)

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