The customer-facing check-in can be used for all Clover Station 2018 with a tethered (customer-facing) Mini or Clover Station Duos. This setup will engage your customers even more by prompting them to check in during the order and being automatically associated with the order. If you would like to use this feature, please download our free Loyalzoo Check-in app from the Clover app market and launch the app from your Clover home screen for the first time.

You can see the full workflow below:

1. Customers will check in on the customer-facing screen which will always display and prompt customers when taking orders.

2. Once they check-in, their customer name will automatically be associated to the order that is on the staff-facing screen i.e. display in the green floating button.

3. Staff adds items to the order and processes the payment. The customer-facing payment screen will take over and appear once staff tap the "Pay" button.

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4. Customer completes the payment and they will automatically receive their points for that order, the usual 1 point per $ spent, whilst also seeing their points and rewards on screen.

(this screen will time out ready for the next customer to check-in)

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