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How to get customers to register from a customer-facing tablet
How to get customers to register from a customer-facing tablet

Set up Loyalzoo on a customer-facing tablet so that customers can check themselves in at your store

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Please ensure you have a secured tablet or iPad that customers can use before they place their order or before their payment. 

***If you have a Clover device please select your device in this article and follow the instructions to set up a customer-facing solution***

Your new check-in screen will look like the example below:

Firstly, go to your Loyalzoo admin dashboard, and find your merchant ID under the account settings tab:

Then follow these steps:

  1. Open the tablet's browser (Safari on iPad, Chrome on Android tablets)

  2. Go to where XXXX replace with the merchant id you found earlier

  3. This will open a page where anyone can check themselves in. If they’re new users they will be automatically signed up to your loyalty program.

We strongly suggest to lock the tablet so that customers cannot navigate away from this page or use other apps. Different tablets have different ways to achieve that, check the Accessibility options for your tablet. If you are using an iPad, follow these steps:

  1. On the iPad, go to Settings, then General, then Accessibility, then Guided Access, and enable Guided Access.

  2. Then go back to the Safari browser, make sure you are on the page indicated above.

  3. Click on the Share button (it is the square with the arrow pointing up), it should be to the right on the address bar. Choose “Add to Home Screen”. This will create an app on the iPad home screen.

  4. Now go back to the home screen, and launch the new app created by the previous step.

  5. To lock it so that customers cannot navigate away from it, triple-click on the iPad home button, setup a PIN and enable Guided Access.

Once checked-in the customer will appear on the Loyalzoo software, select the customer profile to give them points.

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