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Setting up Random Rewards
Setting up Random Rewards

How to create Random Rewards and advice on how best to use them

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Random Rewards are much like a lucky dip or "surprise and delight" - it gives your customers that winning feeling when they receive a reward from you. Watch the video below to see how it works.

To set up Random Rewards, it's really easy. Just go to the Loyalzoo dashboard and set your rewards budget. The quick tutorial video below will show you how to get set up.

Lucky Rewards are now called Random Rewards in your Loyalzoo dashboard.

Need some inspiration? You can run Random Rewards in slow periods or for festive campaigns just like Cafe Nero did. Why not set a bunch of small Random Rewards and one big Random Reward. See your customer's face light up as they receive their lucky prize. See Cafe Nero's results below:

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