Track & Trace (Test & Trace)

Understanding how Loyalzoo can assist you with Track & Trace

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With UK businesses reopening their doors, the Government has proposed some suggestions in keeping our communities healthy. If you are interested in knowing more about Track & Trace (Test & Trace) you can find more information here:

Fortunately, Loyalzoo has the functionality to record customers who visit your business and can assist in providing this information to the NHS if required. Find out more about how Loyalzoo can help.

Set up a customer-facing tablet:

To save time with customer registration, set up a customer-facing tablet where customers can enter their details for Track & Trace and/or register for your loyalty program.

Please ensure you have a secured tablet or iPad that customers can use before they place their order or before their payment. Your new check-in screen will look like the example below:

Firstly, go to your Loyalzoo admin dashboard, and find your merchant ID under the account settings tab:

Then follow these steps:

  1. Open the tablet's browser (Safari on iPad, Chrome on Android tablets)

  2. This will open a page where anyone can check themselves in. If they’re new users they will be automatically signed up to your loyalty program.

Once checked-in the customer will appear on the Loyalzoo software. If the customer wishes to receive loyalty points, select the customer profile to give them points. Any customers checking-in, whether they receive points or not, will be recorded for Trace & Trace purposes.


If you are required to provide any reports to the NHS, get in touch with Loyalzoo and we will provide you with a full check-in report with customers name, phone numbers and date/time stamp for each individual.


Your customers have the option to join your loyalty program and receive loyalty points.

For those who do not receive loyalty points and simply want to provide their details for Track & Trace, their details will be automatically deleted from the system after 21 days (21 days are the guidelines issued by the government for holding customer Track & Trace data).

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