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Add new Loyalzoo customers into a spreadsheet
Add new Loyalzoo customers into a spreadsheet

Creating Loyalzoo customers automatically in a Google sheet

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  1. Create a free account with Zapier

  2. Tap on this invite link

  3. Create a zap

  4. Choose Loyalzoo as a trigger. Tap continue

5. Select "Points Given" as a trigger. Tap continue

6. Connect your Loyalzoo account. Tap Test. Tap continue

7. Make sure Points “A” is selected and tap "continue".

8. Choose google sheets as an action (Be sure to have created a Google Sheet for all of your New customers). Tap continue.

9. Select “Create Spreadsheet Row”

10. Connect your Google Sheet account. Tap continue.

11. Match the following fields by using the dropdown and plus icons next to the fields:

Spreadsheet - connect your created spreadsheet

Worksheet - connect the correct sheet from the document

First name - First name

Last name - Last name

Email - email

New - Customer New Customer

12. Press continue and turn on the Zap.

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