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Create customers in Loyalzoo from a Google Sheet
Create customers in Loyalzoo from a Google Sheet

Create new loyalty customer profiles in Loyalzoo from customer data in a Google Sheet

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1. You must have a Loyalzoo account

2. Create a free Zapier account by heading to

3. Afterwards, you must click here for the Loyalzoo/Zapier invite link

4. Create a Zap

5. Select Google Sheets and “New or Updated Spreadsheet Row”

6. Select a Google Sheets account and press continue

7. Be sure to have a spreadsheet set up with columns First name, Last name, email, phone number and communications (you must represent opting into marketing communications as 1=yes, 0=no - like the example below). Include some test customers by filling in these fields.

8. Choose the correct spreadsheet you would like to take data from, including the worksheet. Leaving the Trigger column as “any column” - Press continue

9. Click "Test & Continue"

10. Click “Do this”

11. Select Loyalzoo 1.2.1 and “create new customer” as the action event

12. Select your Loyalzoo account and continue

13. Map the first name, last name, email, phone number and comment fields from your spreadsheet into each field on Zapier

14. When it comes to communications, tap on the custom field and map across the communications column you have created in your spreadsheet.

15. Hit “Test and continue”

16. Turn your Zap on!!

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