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Refunding a customer's payment (Clover and GoDaddy/Poynt)
Refunding a customer's payment (Clover and GoDaddy/Poynt)

How to refund recurring and one-time payments via your POS system

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Refunding a recurring payment

If you have made a mistake with a customer's payment and you need to perform a refund, simply use the normal refund function of your point-of-sale system.

Finding a one-time or recurring payment Order ID:

If you need to find the Order ID associated to a payment when providing a refund, follow the steps below:

1.  Head to the Memberships and Recurring Payments dashboard
2. Tap on the reports tab and select Payment Transactions
3. Select a date range
4. The order ID associated to each payment will be available by scrolling to the right of the page

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