Automatic rewards for members

Inserting membership benefits to customer orders

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If you would like to add an automatic discount to your paying members orders simply head to the Loyalzoo admin dashboard and get set up from there. For example 10% off of all orders for paying members.

1. Head to the Loyalzoo admin dashboard

2. Tap on the Plans tab
3. Create or edit a plan - in the Register Integration section add what the automatic discount should be i.e 10%

4. Once complete, this will display a clickable reward inside the customer's profile when they have an active membership

5. When the customer is ready to redeem, tap the yellow reward and confirm

6. The reward will now be automatically applied to the order

If you would like to have multiple rewards available for paying members, you can use our tracking feature. Tap the button below to find out how to get set up.

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