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Connect your Mailchimp account to Loyalzoo
Connect your Mailchimp account to Loyalzoo

How to import Mailchimp contacts automatically into your Loyalzoo customer list

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1.  Sign up for a Loyalzoo merchant account
2. Sign up for a free account with Zapier at
3. Click this invite link to connect Loyalzoo with Zapier, then click the orange button called "Accept invite & go to dashboard"
4. Make sure that Mailchimp is selected as a Trigger and that Loyalzoo is selected as an Action

5. Head to the Trigger section and select "New Subscriber" as a Mailchimp Trigger

6. Connect and test your Mailchimp account

7. Choose your audience from the drop down menu and click continue. Follow Zapier instructions to test this step

8. Head to the Action section, making sure Loyalzoo is the Action
9. Select "Create New Customer" as the action

10. Connect and test your Loyalzoo account

11. Match the customer fields across by using the drop down menus. Selecting the appropriate fields for each category. For example: Match customer first name with the customer first name example

12. Test and complete

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