Editing a customer's billing cycle

How to edit and change the details of your customer's subscription

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Use the edit button in your customer's profile (above the stop button) to change your customer's billing cycle. 

You can perform four actions using the edit button:

1. Change the amount or membership subscription

  • Type the new amount or select another membership subscription (membership subscriptions can be set in the admin dashboard). 

  • Tap the "Save" button

2. Change the tax amount

  • Select the new tax amount (Default taxes can be set in the admin dashboard)

  • Tap the "save" button

3. Change the next payment date

  • Tap the next payment date field, a date picker will appear

  • Select the next payment date

  • Tap the "save" button

4. Change the amount of recurring payments

  • Increase or decrease the amount of remaining payments in the field

  • If you remove the amount, the membership will switch to a continuous cycle. Therefore it will only end when stopped.

  • Tap the "save" button

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