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Awarding points using the Clover Customers app
Awarding points using the Clover Customers app

How to use the Customers app with Clover to start an order and give loyalty points

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Retail stores wanting to keep track of customer purchases may want to start an order via the Customers app with Clover. This way receipts and refunds are easily traced and a record of purchases can assist in future recommendations.

The main difference you will notice when processing loyalty points is that there is no Loyalzoo "floating" button

Follow the instructions below to see how loyalty points are calculated when starting an order via the Customers app on Clover.

Firstly select or add the customer making a purchase.

Afterwards start an order from the customers profile by selecting the "new order" button.

Then add the items to the order and close out the payment. Loyalzoo will automatically calculate and award points to your customer based on the total of the order (excluding tax). 

**Loyalty points giving is an invisible feature which happens automatically when processing orders this way. 

When redeeming a customer's reward, use the same process as above but in the payment screen use the Loyalzoo button to redeem the customer's reward. 

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