For Clover POS users:

When you add a customers payment card, Loyalzoo will take an immediate charge from your client's card of $0.50 - this is done to ensure that the customer's card is billable and that there is a higher success rate for all further charges.

The $0.50 charge will then be automatically deducted from the customer's next payment/billing cycle and the total amount set for any memberships will then continue as usual on all future payments. See example below. 

*This process reduces the risk of the customer's card being declined during successive payments. 

The below example is for a customer whose billing cycle is set to start on 24th November for $15/week for 6 weeks. 

The $0.50 authorization charge is taken immediately when their payment card is added to the profile. The customer's first payment on 24th November will be for $14.50 (deducting the $0.50 authorization charge). Then for the following 5 weeks, the customer will be charged the full amount of $15.00/week.

For all other platforms:

An authorisation takes place (usually $1 - depending on the platform) but no physical charge is taken from the customer's payment card.

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