Scheduling a recurring payment

How to set the start date of a payment plan and its duration

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Rather than taking payment immediately you have the option to schedule a customer's billing cycle. You can choose to select a start date and optionally a duration. Follow the steps below:

1. Fill in the fields for the amount you wish to bill the customer on a recurring basis, whether you would like to charge them weekly or monthly and the customer's card details.
2. Do NOT select "Take Payment." Select scheduling options.
3. You have the option to select a start date for the billing cycle. By selecting this option the first payment will take place on the date selected.
4. For manually entered recurring payments only: You also have the option to select a duration for the membership. Complete the duration field with the number of weeks or months you would like the membership to last. If you have selected a pre-created membership from the drop down menu, the durations field will not be available.
5. Tap "Charge xxx, repeat monthly"  This button will change depending on the billing cycle e.g. monthly, weekly etc.

Pre-created Membership chosen from drop down menu

Manual entry of recurring payment

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