You can add customers to your loyalty program and award points manually anywhere on your point-of-sale. Watch the video below to show you how. 

If you have access to a full Register just make sure you are outside of the register to award points manually (in the register, points are awarded automatically). 

  1. Swipe down from the top left of the screen to reveal the notifications bar
  2. Select the "Loyalzoo Check-ins" button
  3. Add and create customers, by typing their name inside search box
  4. In the customers profile you will now see green points buttons. Tap the buttons to award points (we suggest awarding one point per $/£/€ spent) and confirm by tapping the yellow tick
  5. Points will be communicated to customers via SMS, email or push notification

***Alternatively use the Digital Loyalty app available on your device or log into from any smartphone, computer or tablet. 

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