If you have signed up to Loyalzoo, you can access the merchant dashboard at myaccount.loyalzoo.com using the logins you signed up with or received by email.

My Loyalty Programs

This is where you create your loyalty programs. At least one reward must be set before your business will be visible to customers.

Business Settings

This is where all your contact details for the Business are held. Including phone number & email for the business.

Social Settings

Loyalzoo integrates with Facebook. If you want your customers check-ins to trigger a Facebook check-in, you can put your business’ Facebook page URL in here. To find your Facebook URL, read this article.

My Promotions

Create and send promotions straight to your customers phones. These will be sent via SMS, email or push notification depending on how your customer signed up to your loyalty program; customers will also see the promotion as a little star in the promotions tab in the Loyalzoo app. For help and tips on how you create promotions, read this article.

My Customers

Gives you an overview of your customers, their points, rewards redeemed and their current points/stamps balance. You can also download a list containing the email-addresses of customers who signed up to your rewards program with their email addresses.

My Reports

Gives you statistics and visuals of your customer analytics. You will also receive an automatic success email sent to your inbox each week, which measures your customer retention, your customers average spend and footfall.

Handsfree Marketing

Allows you to send automatic messages to customers who are new, VIP or "slipping away." Simply fill in the promotion you would like to be sent to these customer segments and Loyalzoo will send it at the perfect moment.


Print receipts for past Loyalzoo subscription payments and update your card details here.

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