Do you have a Business Facebook Page/Place? Do you want to spread the word about your business without lifting a finger? Then link your Facebook Page/Place to your Loyalzoo Rewards Program. It takes seconds to do, and spreads brand awareness instantly. How? When a customer checks-in to your business via the Loyalzoo App, it will trigger a Facebook Check-in as well, posting on the customer’s behalf. e.g. David is at Bob’s Burgers.

To begin, make sure that your Facebook Page is categorised as a Facebook Place where people can check-in using the Facebook app.  If that is not the case, please follow this link for instructions on how to setup a Facebook Place:

The next thing to do is to copy your Facebook URL – e.g.

For example:


Then log into your Merchant Dashboard.

Choose the Social Settings tab from the left hand side menu.

When you have clicked on the social settings tab you will see a box, where you are asked to enter your Facebook Place URL. Click and paste the URL as indicated in the previous step.


And that’s it! We suggest you encourage your customers to sign up to the Loyalzoo App with Facebook (this can also be done in the Settings tab inside the app). By doing this customers can carry their points over if they switch phones, and it will give you great social media exposure.

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