To create a virtual stamp card, log into the Merchant Dashboard at and select My Loyalty Programs.

Click on the Create button and select the following:

  1. Reward Name: this tells your customers what reward they will get on completion of a ‘card’. For example, ‘Free Coffee’, or ‘50% off next haircut’.
  2. Reward Description: this tells them what they must do to complete a ‘card’; for example, ‘Buy 8 coffees, get the next one free’
  3. Target: This is the specific number of stamps a customer must achieve to get their reward (In the below example we have set 11 stamps). The maximum allowed is 12, which means that the 13th item is free.
  4. Choose an icon that best describes the reward, and click Save.

You can add up to 3 separate stamp cards. If your first one is “free coffee on 5th visit”, another could be ‘buy 7 sandwiches, get free cake on next visit’. To set another reward, just repeat the process.

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