To get started with Loyalzoo for Clover, watch the following video or read below.

Go to your Clover home screen and click on "Loyalzoo Admin": set up at least one reward.

Then start promoting your new loyalty program and sign customers up. You can sign them up in one of two ways:

  1. Swipe down from the top left of the screen, and tap on Loyalzoo Checkins. Then type their name in the search box; if they do not already exist, sign them up by tapping on Create Customer and adding their mobile number (or email address).
  2. Alternatively, tell your customers to download the free loyalzoo mobile app on their phone and check-in when they visit. When they check-in they’ll instantly appear at the top of your checkins list, always available from the Loyalzoo Checkins button at the top of the Notifications shade.

Remember you can pull up Loyalzoo from within any app, by swiping down from the top left of the screen, and selecting Loyalzoo Checkins. Find (or create) the customer, and manually award 1 point per dollar/pound/euro spent.

For questions or issues, please use the chat button to the bottom right of all our apps and screens to get the fastest response.

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