Loyalzoo is primarily a mobile solution, allowing you to reach customers directly on their phones via SMS, email or push technology, which are sure to be seen by the customer. However if you have a longer message to share – marketing emails can be a good option. We don’t do email campaigns directly, but we do provide you with the emails of customers who have signed up to your rewards program with their email.

To send email marketing campaigns, there is a button in the “Reports” tab in your Merchant Dashboard area, called “Customers Data”. This produces a CSV file, compatible with all major email marketing tools (such as MailChimp) that you can use to do email marketing campaigns.

You can also add loyalty customers automatically to your Mailchimp list by using Zapier.

Great Tips For Considering Email Marketing:

  • In the marketing world, a good email campaign has the objective to gain at best a 2% open rate. That is because in todays world everyone is getting bombarded by emails. It is very hard to get someone to open an email, let alone read it and then also action it.  Think about this, let’s say for example you have 150 customer emails and you send out a good email campaign and you do achieve a 2% open rate, you will have only 3 people open your email. It is great to consider, if an email campaign is the best way to market your business, before you spend time and money on creating one.
  • Be aware that customers who use the Loyalzoo app may not enter their email address, as it is optional (to avoid slowing the store down).
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