Once you have setup your loyalty program, you must start using the Loyalzoo Software at your point-of-sale, whether it be on tablet, mobile device, desktop or electronic till.  We recommend using the software in a place where you process orders, you can also install it on multiple devices at the same time. Use your Loyalzoo login details to start, and you are good to go (login details are only necessary the first time).

Once your customers download the Loyalzoo app and check-in at your store, you will see them popping up on your Loyalzoo software and you will be able to give them stamps/points with a simple tap.

For customers to see your store and check-in, they need to be within a certain distance from your business; if they’re further away they won’t be able to check in.

If you wish to see the system in action, please watch the following video:

Remember, our loyalty app is an amazing tool to grow your business, but it really works wonders when you promote it actively. Get every customer that comes into your shop to download the app by visiting app.loyalzoo.com; that way you can turn every one of them into your regulars. Also use the Point of Sale Marketing we have sent you in the mail, to advertise the program in-store and on your store windows.

We strongly suggest you offer a little incentive to customers to download the app and check-in immediately, such as a free coffee, cookies or anything else you can afford. Once you have some customers in the system, you will start enjoying its advanced features, such as reporting and special promotions that will attract business when you need it most.

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