To create a points-based loyalty program, login to the Merchant Dashboard, at Use the details you created at signup (your email address and the password you chose).

First you have to decide how the customer earns points. We strongly recommend keeping this to 1 point awarded, per pound/dollar/euro spent.  Setting it up this way, will avoid having staff having to perform calculations. Press Set.

You then have to create at least one reward, to do so click on the Create button and complete as follows:

  1. Reward Name: what your customers will receive when they reach a target; for example, ‘Free glass of wine’ or ‘20% off next purchase’
  2. Target: Number of points required to get the reward.
  3. Choose an icon that best describes the reward, and click Create.

You can create up to ten rewards in total by simply repeating this process and pressing Create. For each reward increase the targets and set a reward that matches the value of the target (Example Below).

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