There are 2 different ways to sign up a customer to your loyalty program.

Manually: Add customers into your loyalty program by using their phone number or email, this way of signing customers up is more widely accepted by customers. 

  1. Type your customer's name inside the Loyalzoo search box

2. Then tap on the create customer button

3. Add their phone number or email address
4. Click the Create button

Customer signs up: If you are a fast paced store, you can encourage your customers to download the free Loyalzoo app. This way customers can check-in to your store and get on your loyalty program quickly. When they check-in, they will pop up at the top of your list,  and all you have to do is select their profile to award them points. 

  1. Customer downloads the free Loyalzoo app
  2. Their profile will automatically jump to the top of your customer list every time they check-in at your store

If you wish for customers to register themselves using a customer facing device in-store, you can use a tablet that sits on your front counter. Follow these instructions to do so. 

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