What is an "Amazon Prime" style membership program? 

Loyalzoo's Memberships & Recurring Payments product was inspired by allowing small businesses to run a paid memberships program and offering benefits to those who take part. Running this type of membership program drives guaranteed recurring revenues and makes customers spend with your business over your competitors. 

The famous "Prime" loyalty program run by Amazon, charges their members a monthly subscription fee and in return they offer benefits like unlimited one day shipping, exclusivity to certain deals, and full access to their suite of movies, music and online books. By running this type of membership program their members spend 85% more than their non-members! Plus they have the guaranteed recurring revenue stream from their membership fees. 

So why choose to run this type of membership/loyalty program? Here's why:

  • Members will choose to shop with you because they want to get their money's worth from their membership, inducing a higher frequency of visits
  • Shoppers will default to purchasing from your business over your competitors
  • VIP memberships change consumer behavior by reducing friction. The less friction, the more your customers will spend with you. 

Loyalzoo's membership product runs directly from your Clover device or web dashboard and is so user-friendly that it takes only seconds to get started. Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to start running your very own VIP paid membership program.


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